Computer System

The true and complete story of a United States military computer system hijacked by a gang of Federal Government Employees and their Contractor co-conspirators who used every imaginable scam to rip off the taxpayer while stuffing their pockets with gobs of cash.

Early History of the SIMTEL20.  The name is an acronym derived from SIMulation and TELeprocessing DECSYSTEM-20. The U.S. Army White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico purchased a Digital Equipment Corporation DECSYSTEM-20 model 2040 / 2065 “mainframe” in the early 1980s for use by its Army Missile Test and Evaluation (ARMTE) Directorate. Intended for both simulation of projected performance, and evaluation of data from live fire artillery and guided missile projectiles, the system was soon diverted for the personal gain of a larcenous gang of racketeers. Read the full history of the system, from its purchase authorization in 1979 to its September 1993 demise that brought down high ranking civilian and military officials amid a flood of scandal and coverup.

The Actors.  Biographies of all the swindlers – both government and contractor, and the military and government officials they duped, including those alive and those now dead. Complete details of their careers and criminal histories. Every person who had any part in the SIMTEL20 scams is laid bare, complete with mug shots for most of them.

The Scams.  Here are just a few you will read about: Operation of the SIMTEL20 as a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) in competition with private companies, and in violation of federal law, with cash kickbacks going directly to the conspirators. Fraudulent “Telecommuting.” Fraudulent Overtime. Fraudulent Night Differential Pay. Fraudulent Performance Awards. Fraudulent Travel to Resorts. Fraudulent Travel Reimbursement Vouchers. $100 Million in Software Piracy and Theft. And countless other scams invented by the villains to enrich themselves as they plundered the U.S. Government treasury and raped the U.S. taxpayer in the process.

The Most Vile, Disgusting and Evil Scam of All.  Read about how the two principal conspirators schemed to have every single item of military electronic communications throughout the world diverted and routed through the SIMTEL20 during the 1990-1991 First Gulf War (Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm). This communications, which under normal circumstances traveled through thousands of independent circuits with countless fail-safe alternate routes, was to be forced through the SIMTEL20’s limited bandwidth, notoriously unreliable and unsecure circuits, making the SIMTEL20 not just a bandwidth bottleneck, but a single point of failure that would shut down the military’s entire communication system upon its failure. The premise of the scheme was that one of the conspirators would be declared a “hero” of the war effort, and the other would present him with a “performance” award of $250,000 at the end of the conflict. The two of them would then split the ill-gotten proceeds between themselves. All this at the expense of American and Allied soldiers whose lives depended on fast, secure, and reliable communications. Making the scam all the more odious was that both of the conspirators were notorious draft dodgers during the 1960s and 1970s. Learn how the scam fell apart when one of the few senior executives with a brain in his head pulled the plug before the scheme could be put in motion.

The Coverup.  How high-ranking military and civilian officials sought to cover up the scams and thefts, and repeatedly attempted reprisals against security and law enforcement personnel whose mission it was to investigate the SIMTEL20 crimes.

The Six Million Dollar Man.  The SIMTEL20 crime ring was finally put out of business in 1993, almost wholly through the investigative work of a single security management official who, in the face of repeated orders to cover up the affair, threats and intimidation, finally broke the back of the cartel. The U.S. Government paid six million dollars in damages to this official, and is said to be still—25 years later—dragging its feet to comply with a court judgement of an additional $30M for which it was also found liable.

Official SIMTEL20 Government Documents Archive.  Searchable PDF scans of seven thousand documents ranging from RFPs, purchase contracts, hardware upgrade contracts, service and support contracts granted to co-conspirators of the federally employed masterminds, travel orders, pay records and performance awards of the scammers, memoranda, disposition forms (DFs), and every other paper document associated with the SIMTEL20.

SIMTEL20 E-Mail Archive.  The complete archive of tens of thousands of e-mails sent and received by users of the SIMTEL20 system, not only on the SIMTEL20 itself, but on all other White Sands Missile Range electronic mail systems. Follow their day-to-day larcenous machinations through incredibly detailed and damning correspondence which they thought was secure. In searchable PDF format.

Bringing Miscreants to Justice.  There is no statute of limitations on most of the federal crimes committed in connection with the SIMTEL20 computer. Learn how those with even the slightest affiliation with the SIMTEL20 can help with the arrest and prosecution of the gang of criminals still running loose after all these years!

Discussion Forum.  Exchange comments and information with others who have an interest in the sordid history of the SIMTEL20.


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